Skeena Bakery


Monday to Friday

9am ~ 5pm

Welcome to Skeena Bakery!

Skeena Bakery is an Artisan Bakery & Coffee Shop in the heart of the Hazeltons. Located on Highway 16 in New Hazelton, Skeena Bakery offers organic, all natural, hand made breads and treats. Come on in and enjoy a treat and some locally roasted coffee or pick up some fresh bread or baked goods.

We Use Certified Organic Flours

Skeena Bakery is Trans-Fat Free

All our baked goods are made by hand from all natural ingredients. We do not use preservatives. All natural craft breads keep best at room temperature. Keep cut side down in a bread box at room temperature. Not in the Fridge! French Breads are best within a day or two, Wholegrain breads keep well for a week.

"The mission of the Skeena Bakery is to produce outstanding natural, handcrafted bread and baked goods for our retail and wholesale customers in north western British Columbia"